The exterior of the extension. Photograph: Adelina Iliev
The view out from inside the extension. Photograph: Adelina Iliev

Housing Project

Barnsbury Square

Private Client
James Dunnett Architects


The project is located in the Barnsbury Conservation area.

A two-storey domestic rear extension was added by demolishing the existing extension to provide greater space in the house. The construction was finely conceived and detailed to provide an elegant face to the garden area.

Building Structure

The principal spaces made up by the garden, the kitchen, the new bedroom above and its outlook worked together to enhance the original charm of the house.

Building Services

Underfloor heating was installed where it could be simply incorporated within new building fabric, with traditional radiators being used in the traditional part of the building.

Services were fitted seamlessly into the extension and the existing house. The electrics were renewed throughout and the boiler relocated to a more suitable space in a newly created utility room.

Although the total volume of the house including the extension increased, and opportunities for insulating the existing fabric were limited, the greatly improved insulation values of the new extension, and the low-energy lighting, mean that running costs and carbon emissions of the house are lower.