Decoration on the facade of Bootstrap's headquarters
Some of the workshop benches

Commercial Project


Dalston, London
Bootstrap Enterprises
Tangram Architects And Designers

The Client

Bootstrap Enterprises encourages social and economic regeneration in areas of high unemployment. Its services range from advice, guidance, and business development to employment, training, and work experience. The headquarters are in the old Reeves paint factory, in north-east London, where the lower floors are given over to workshops for local enterprises.

Workshop Lighting

The new workshop trains people in computer repair. One of the things which the client wanted was an extremely high light level of 1,000 lux, as the work is very delicate. This required careful design to avoid glare, while a mixture of up and downlights to give variety.


The heating had to be cheap to install, cheap to run, and reliable. The condensing gas boiler provides heating and hot water at a higher efficiency even than the current UK Building Regulations require. Carbon dioxide emissions from the simple heating system are as low as is possible in an existing building. The internal office is mechanically ventilated with a heat reclaim fan.