One of the mews streets
Looking into the development

Housing Project

Fred Styles House

Charlton, London
Meridian Home Start
Peter Barber Architects

The Scheme

Built on the site of a former sheltered accommodation block, Fred Styles House consists of 29 houses and 8 flats, formed into pleasant mews streets. The streetscape provides a pedestrian link through, connecting communities through the site.


Ventilation continuously running ventilations fans, which extract from wet rooms and kitchen, drawing fresh air in from outside. In units which face the busy Charlton Church Lane full mechanical ventilation is provided, with fans supplying and filtering the incoming air.


Heating to the units was kept deliberately simple, with the restricted space and tight layout making it impractical to look at centralised plantrooms. Instead each unit is provided with a high efficiency condensing boiler, coupled with good thermal U-values to the building fabric, along with high air tightness, to reduce heat losses.

Other Services

Internal lighting utilises LED fixtures to reduce energy use and running costs. Externally the mews are lit by unobtrusive light fittings mounted directly on the buildings. Flow restrictors to all outlets keeps water usage to a minimum.


New London Awards Housing Winner