The front of George Street
Front Elevation. Drawing by Shepheard Epstein Hunter

Housing Project

George Street Mansions

Marylebone, London
Shepheard Epstein Hunter

The Development

The site is in the heart of the West End to the north of Oxford Street. The high quality flats are close to the shops, and to the open spaces of Hyde Park and Regent's Park.


Building in the densely built-up area, which has a high proportion of residential buildings already, was difficult, and much thought was given to incorporating services unobtrusively. Underground car parking is naturally ventilated using air passages built into the structure.


Heating is by individual gas-fired condensing boilers in combination with thermal stores to give maximum flexibility and minimum running costs for the owners of the apartments.

The Design

Work was carried out under a design-and-build contract, but in order to ensure a fixed price and guaranteed quality, given the constraints of the site, a full services design was produced before tender.


Services within the apartments are typically high quality domestic but more consideration needed to be given to landlord's services. Cold water storage tanks and booster sets to guarantee mains pressure to the upper flats are installed.