Central court of the unit
Part of the lounge

Health & Vetinary Project

1–3 The Lanes, Bracton Centre

Oxleas Nhs Trust
Tangram Architects And Designers

Bracton Centre

The Bracton Centre cares for people with mental health problems in a secure environment. The new self-contained secure unit is constructed next to an existing campus treating patients close to their local communities and families. The unit is located in a rural setting which provides a therapeutic environment for rehabilitation.

Natural Environment

The unit makes full use of natural light and air. Roof-mounted proprietary ventilators provide natural ventilation. The security problems associated with large opening windows in bedrooms are avoided. Full-height glazed panels let light flood the communal lounge.

Internal Fittings

Fittings are secure and strong enough to withstand a lot of hard use while still keeping a therapeutic atmosphere. Low surface temperature radiators are used in patient areas. Light fittings are specially designed to be tamper-proof while retaining a domestic appearance.

Secure Services

Services are simple and robust, and heating plant is accessible from outside the building. An air-lock lobby gives secure entry and exit from the building. The emergency call systems alert staff in the unit and across the site.