Typical MRI magnet shield
Computerised Tomography scanner

Health & Vetinary Project

The Princess Grace Hospital

Imaging Centre, London, Uk
Hca International
Tuke Manton Architects

The Princess Grace Hospital

The hospital provides 103 beds for acute care, with a wide range of associated medical facilities, in the West End of London, near to Harley Street.

Imaging Centre

An extensively equipped new imaging centre has been created in the basement of the hospital. The centre includes a Computerised Tomography scanner, mammography rooms, changing room, and waiting areas.

Magnetic Resonance Imager

The centre's main diagnostic tool is a 1.5 Tesla MRI scanner supplied by GE. MRIs operate using a very high magnetic field, and so nothing within the magnet room, including lights and cooling ductwork, can contain iron or steel. A cryogen, using liquid helium, keeps the electromagnet superconducting, but refrigeration plant and back-up water cooling are also needed.

The heaviest component of the MRI, the magnet, had to be carefully lowered into position through a lightwell.

Other Services

The complex services for the advanced medical equipment were installed without interruption to normal working of the hospital.

The normal hospital systems, including medical gases, nurse call, telephones, data, wifi, and fire alarm, as well as comfort cooling and ventilation, also run throughout the centre.