A newly refurbished corridor
The newly completed school, with dorma window to the new mezzanine floor

Education Project

St Peter's School, Main Site

Hammersmith, London
The School Board Of Governors
NBF Partnership

The School

St Peter's Church of England school is a primary school spread across three sites located along St Peter's Road in Hammersmith. Following the successful refurbishment and extension of one of the smaller sites the main building has also been refurbished. In addition to a complete overhall and reconfiguration of the existing spaces a new mezzanine floor has been inserted to provide additional classroom space.


As the school needed to continue operations during the refurbishment the works were split into two phases, tackling approximately half of the school at a time. This required careful timing of some items, such as moving the main IT equipment and removal of a water tank made redundant by the installation of a larger mains supply.


In order to retain as much clear wall space as possible heating to classrooms is provided by radiant panels, either ceiling mounted in the pasterboard or grid ceilings, or at high level on the wall. These are complemented by low surface temparature radiators in the corridor and mezzanine areas. The existing high efficiency gas condensing boiler was recently installed and still in good condition so was retained.


As part of the works a small courtyard in the centre of the school was covered over to become an additional breakout teaching space. As this was then entirely internal a small MVHR unit was installed to ensure adequate ventilation to the area.

Other Services

Low energy LED lighting was installed throughout. A comprehensive fire alarm system was installed, as was a security system with access control to the school gates and reception area. The school is also covered by a CCTV system.