Boilers in the plantroom
Garden area between the villa block and mews blocks

Housing Project

South Kilburn–Cambridge And Wells

Catalyst Housing Group
Hester Architects

The Development

This scheme of 101 residential units across three blocks forms part of the major South Kilburn regeneration scheme. This phase consists of a villa block, running the length of Cambridge Avenue, and two mews blocks to its rear. The scheme provides a mixture of affordable rented and private accommodation.

Centralised Systems

All three blocks are supplied with heating and hot water from a communal system fed by high efficiency condensing gas boilers within a centralised plant room. Heat interface units within each dwelling connect to this communal system to provide heating and domestic hot water to the property. Allowance for future connection to a planned wider district heating network has also been provided.

The central plant room also contains storage tanks and booster sets for supplying cold water mains to the dwellings. Rainwater is collected from the roofs and stored in underground tanks. From there it is fed into a holding tank within the plant room. The harvested rainwater is used to flush WCs

Dwellings are supplied with centralised TV and satellite systems.


Each block has photovoltaic (PV) panels on the roof to harvest energy from the sun. The electricity produced by these panels is fed back into the communal electrical systems to power central plant items, communal space lighting, and the like. Any surplus electricity generated is sold back to the national grid.

Green Dwellings

To reduce energy usage the dwellings are designed with low heat loss walls and glazing. Centralised mechanical ventilation with heat recovery is supplied to each flat. The district heating scheme supplies all hot water and heating needs within each dwelling. Occupants can monitor their heat and electricity use on an energy display device.